Our Mission

To achieve our vision with the highest quality levels of the training services to strengthen the standards and our customers’ expectations

About Us

We are an Egyptian Academy for teaching foreign languages and helping our customers perfect them and we also present all training courses

Our Vision

We aim to build a developed character with a high working efficiency through self-development and learning English 

Our Courses

Our English Club

General English
English for Kids

Self Development

Developing the human skills & abilities to upgrade to high level of production and income

Our German Club

Learn German
3 Grades
A1 – A2 – B1
9 Levels

Our Italian Camp

Learn Italian for
2 months and half
3 Levels
for 1st Secondary

Our Lecturers & Trainers

Dr. Hassan Qabbary

Chancellor of Family Guidance Institute
Expert in manners modifying and thinking skills 

Educational Expert in The American Institute of Academic Accreditation
English Supervisor in Al Andalus International School 

HR Manager in Tomato Company
MBA Degree holder from Alexandria University
HR Consultant for many companies

Dr. Hassan Farag

Certified Lecturer in Business Administration
Member of International Board Organisation 

PH.D. of Human Resources Holder
Diploma of Quality Administration from John Hever Academy in Britain
Family Guidance Consultant

Certified English Lecturer from The British Council
English Trainer with 9 years of experience
English Supervisor

English Learning and Self Development are the first success steps to the future gate